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It’s time to speak up for conservative ideas and hold your representative and senators accountable. Heritage Action wants to help give you the resources you need, so we’ve created a recess toolkit! This toolkit has the necessary tools to be an effective activist at town halls or meetings with your representative and senators. Whether you’re a seasoned activist or this is your first town hall, you will find helpful tips and resources here:


    •    Top Ten Questions for Your Senators or Representative

    •    Seven Tips to Prepare for a Town Hall

    •    Seven Tips to Prepare for a Visit to the District Office

    •    Printable "No Bailouts Signs" to bring to an event

 You can print these signs at home and fill in the name of your lawmaker. Feel free to bring it with you to an event, and also be sure to take a picture with it and tweet it to @Heritage_Action.

There are town halls happening across the country. You can check to see if your member of Congress is hosting one and find all the resources you need here: heritageaction.com/townhall. If your representative or senators aren’t hosting an event, you can schedule a visit to their district office.


Let’s make sure that repealing and replacing Obamacare remains a top priority for members when they return to Washington at the end of the month. As conservatives, we need to stop any momentum for the Obamacare bailouts being championed in the Senate.

Thanks for fighting with us.

Heritage Action

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East Valley Republican Women are working to take back California. Helping you to get involved in taking back California community, state and country is our goal. We will not rest till our schools and communities are solidly based in the U. S. Constitution, the Bill of Right and the Declaration of Independence.