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From EVRWF President Joy Miedecke...

Well here we are, at a place most of us never imagined we would be.  With the populous in tow for a better and stronger America, something weird and crazy happened, they say WE did not win.  I personally handled the ballot harvesting at headquarters and as we took over 8000 ballots to the Registrar of Voters (ROV) I saw that many told us that they had received more than one ballot or had received a ballot for a deceased family member.  Many turned them in to us, many had already destroyed them.  

One instance that was turned in to the District Attorney was a woman in line to vote who asked for a ballot for her husband who was out of town and they so willingly gave it to her… these were employees of the Registrar of Voters.  There were other things too and I guess I could go on and on! But here we are and it oh so lonely and sad as I could tell you for sure on Tuesday that we had this…and then came to realize as the hours passed, that there was a problem and the problem just kept getting bigger and bigger.  I hope you all know that we have not lost yet!  

What does East Valley Republican Women intend to do?  We will, of course continue our fight for the future of California and our country and not let anything or anyone pull us down.  We have been in our location for over 6 years, we have won some elections and lost some, but we have never said that we were throwing in the towel and closing our doors.  We ALL have faith, and we will continue to pull that faith together and pray to the almighty that he does what he feels is right for our country and its people.

Now, more than ever, we are ready to put our all in to turn our state back to red.  Continuing to increase our membership is such a big part of that as with numbers our voices will be heard.  Our meetings will have great speakers as you have seen these past years, and we will be informed.  Our plan is to help support the President's legal fund in monetary gifts and other ways.  Our store will be open with great Christmas gifts, items that you will want to GIVE to the people you hold close in your hearts!  Wait till you see it…Heidi and I are even today, writing orders to fill our shelves once again.  Look for our special sales day, November 27th when you will receive special gifts with your purchase.  Please support our club through our store.

WE LOVE AMERICA and we support our President, Donald J. Trump…ask yourself what you can do and then do it!  Be a part of the great movement to have fair elections…lets get on the train to have Voter ID with every registration and vote!  These things will not be easy but with enough of us we will succeed!  Donald J. Trump is MY President…lets continue to fight for the 2020 election and this great man continuing to make a better country for us all!

Joy Miedecke
President  EVRWF 


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East Valley Republican Women are working to take back California. EVRWF will help you to get involved in taking back your California community, state and country is our goal. We will not rest till our schools and communities are solidly based in the U. S. Constitution, the Bill of Right and the Declaration of Independence. 

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