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The Well Dressed Woman
Deen Adams Apparel and Accessories 
How to buy a gun
Don't Mess with East Valley Republican Women!
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Critical Race Theory
What it is and How to Fight It
Christopher F. Rufo
    Founder and Director, Battlefront
Imprimis is the free monthly speech digest of Hillsdale College and is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering cultural, economic, political, and educational issues. The content of Imprimis is drawn from speeches delivered at Hillsdale College events. First published in 1972, Imprimis is one of the most widely circulated opinion publications in the nation with over 5.6 million subscribers.

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The Real Reason They Want You to Hate
Donald Trump
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Informed Parents of California
Must View
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Is Voter Fraud Real
Prager University
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The mission of American Matters Political Action Committee is to further conservative ideals through the support of legislation and referendums, further conservative principles through the support of candidates for local, county, state and federal office, and guarantee conservative philosophies future through the backing of agencies promoting conservative education and outreach.
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East Valley Republican Women are working to take back California. EVRWF will help you to get involved in taking back your California community, state and country is our goal. We will not rest till our schools and communities are solidly based in the U. S. Constitution, the Bill of Right and the Declaration of Independence. 

Freedom can only last if you and I choose to act as people of character.
Heritage Foundation 
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